Media bias plays a huge part in how political information is disseminated to voters, with many news organizations seen as extensions of one of the two major parties.

In order to combat these biases, IVP co-published the Independent Voter Network to be a new kind of news network that provides unfiltered political news and policy analysis from across the political spectrum.

IVN also reports on many stories that mainstream media ignores, such as stories about new voting methods and campaigns of candidates running outside of the two major parties.
A major downfall of having an extremely polarized political atmosphere is how challenging it is to gather policymakers from each camp to sit at the same table together and hold constructive dialogues.

We have found that partisan politics is a distraction that severely impedes productive conversations.

To combat this, we host an annual conference, away from all the noise, where we bring the humanity back into politics.

Some of the most critical and successful projects IVP has accomplished pertain directly to fighting for your right to vote.

These strategic battles are carried out by writing powerful legislation and filing lawsuits in order to challenge the status quo of partisan-controlled elections. IVP’s reform victories are extensive.

In 2008, we authored California’s “Top-Two” nonpartisan open primary proposition, which voters passed in 2010. In 2016, IVP wrote and supported one of the most important election reform measures in the history of San Diego, Measure K.
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