Newsletter: Democrats' Big Mistake?

Are they really debates?

12 Democratic candidates shared a single debate stage Tuesday night in an ordeal that one candidate called nothing more than “reality television,” and another called “demeaning to the American people.”

And despite three Republican challengers entering the 2020 race, the RNC refuses to hold a debate at all.

With the general election around the corner, here’s something to consider:

In 2016, although 71% of voters wanted a third voice in the general election debates, we didn’t get one.

That’s because the two major parties control the debate rules. And the two major parties aren’t interested in a real debate with the American people.

That is why the Independent Voter Project filed another amicus brief in support of Level the Playing Field’s lawsuit to open the presidential debates.

And this momentum across the country can give voters more choice at the ballot box:

Everyday, there is more demand for better elections. But taking on a system controlled by both major parties isn’t easy.

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