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“IVP Speakers have been guests in my classroom and have provided valuable input on Election Law issues. They are engaging, informative and topical.  They are active on many of the important issues facing our state and country and can be counted on to provide interesting and important insight.”

Brian Maienschein, California State Assemblymember & Election Law Professor at the University of San Diego (USD)

“IVP speakers present an essential, thoughtful perspective that challenges the students and empowers them to take action in their own communities. Chad’s visits are a staple of our government course’s curriculum—and we wouldn’t do it any other way.”

Jonathan Shulman, History Teacher at La Jolla Country Day School

Why IVP?

Believe it or not, election reform is an exciting topic for high school government classes, political science students, constitutional law courses, civil rights organizations, TV segments, and even at corporate events.

Want the Independent Voter Project to educate to your audience about how elections REALLY work, and what we can do to make representation more … well … representative?

Contact us today to find a speaker that is right for you.

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