Manipulated districts. Corrupt campaign finance laws. Disenfranchised voters.

This is what a party centric system has led to.

Diverse representatives. Competitive elections. Enfranchised voters.

That’s our mission. To  create a system that serves voters first, not partisan politics and special interests.

IVP writes powerful legislation that has successfully challenged the partisans on both sides of the aisle.

Independent Voter Project Successes

A more powerful voice

The Existence

Pundits ignore us. Primaries exclude us. Political scientists say we are just “closet partisans.”


The Existence is a monthly giving program that allows us to challenge the partisan establishment, make lasting election reform possible, and tell the political class: you can’t ignore us any longer.

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Elections should serve people over parties.

Be a part of the largest coalition of independent-minded voters that are making major reforms possible.