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Happening Now:
IVP v. California

In California, we’re standing up for the 5.6 million independent voters who are denied their right to vote in the presidential primary election.

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Not sure what kind of primary election your state holds? No problem! Our interactive primary map lists each state's primary and contains useful resources.

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Our Focus

Meaningful Election Reform

IVP is most well-known for authoring California's successful nonpartisan primary reform. Lasting election reform requires a practical approach. Independent Voter Project analyzes the legal, political, and social barriers to success, to focus on reforms that move us forward.

Our History

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A more powerful voice

The Existence

Pundits ignore us. Primaries exclude us. Political scientists say we are just “closet partisans.”


The Existence is a monthly giving program that allows us to challenge the partisan establishment, make lasting election reform possible, and tell the political class: you can’t ignore us any longer.

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