FIVE, as a proud partner of IVP, publishes news and information from independent-minded perspectives.

The Independent Voter Project (IVP) and its sister organization the Foundation for Independent Voter Education (FIVE) published IVN, to be a new kind of news network and provide unfiltered political news and policy analysis from across the political spectrum.

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About Independent Voter News

The Independent Voter News (IVN.us) is an open news platform for independent-minded authors and readers.


The mission of IVN is to raise the level of civil discourse to a place where solutions are more persuasive than talking points, and participation is not conditioned on your party affiliation.


The purpose of IVN.us is to provide unfiltered political news and policy analysis across the political spectrum. Unlike traditional media, IVN actively encourages writers and readers of differing political tendencies to engage in a constructive dialogue.

The IVN Etiquette

IVN is able to do this through our etiquette — a four point guideline to encourage constructive conversations.

No Partisan Attacks
No Self-Promotion
Substantiate Sources
No Personal Attacks

Who We Are

We’ve been called liberals. Undercover Republicans. Progressives. Socialists. Communists. Libertarians. And even Anarchists.

And they’re all true.

It all depends on whose article you read and from what perspective you view us.

This is Independent Voter News. We are, to the best of our knowledge, the only “open platform” for journalists who are bound not by an ideology, but a simple etiquette.

About every few days, someone will send us a message that goes something like this: “I’ve been following your page and I’ve had it. You’re not independent at all! You're just a bunch of.”

The problem is, from the talking heads to the political consultants to our party-based elections, we try to define independents by an ideology: Centrist? Moderate? Libertarian?

Being independent is a mindset, not an ideology. It does not mean that you lack an ideology. It does not mean that you don’t have libertarian, socialistic, conservative, or liberal tendencies. Being independent means that you don’t believe so stridently in a perfect philosophy that everyone who doesn’t agree with you must be an idiot … or evil … or brainwashed.

Being an independent means you are grown up enough to think for yourself. You are confident enough to allow others to speak. And you are humble enough to think you might learn from someone.We call ourselves the Independent Voter Network because the platform is open to anyone who wants to participate in a civil dialogue, including you -- whatever ideological tendencies you hold.

We will publish anything that follows our etiquette rules.We have been told this approach to journalism is itself progressive and therefore we are progressives. OK.

Corrections Policy

See an error? Use the contact form below to let our authors know. If the story needs to be updated, it will be labeled “Updated” at the bottom of the article with a clear description of the changes.