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Cross-Border Conference

July 29th - August 1st, 2024
Valle de Guadalupe, MX
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Why is so much business conducted half a world away in often adversarial countries?

Following the success of the inaugural “Make It With Mexico” conference in 2023, the Independent Voter Project is bringing even more stakeholders together for 2024.

Legislators and industry experts, from both sides of the border, will discuss complex business and policy considerations around a simple idea:

We Should: Make It With Mexico.

Valle de Guadalupe

The Make it with Mexico conference is modeled after the Independent Voter Project’s Business and Leadership Conference, held each year in Hawaii for the last two decades.

We encourage participants to bring their families, to stay the weekend, and to dress casual.

The Independent Voter Project believes that a more relaxed setting encourages more open conversation, honest dialogue, and more opportunities to build the authentic relationships necessary to advance good ideas.

Join us. Let’s Make It With Mexico.



Assm. Blanca Pacheco, CA

Chair, California RULES CommitteE
Assemblymember Blanca Pacheco currently serves as the Chair of the California Rules Committee. She was elected to the California State Assembly in 2022 to represent Southwestern Los Angeles and holds a Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School.

Blanca's career includes impactful roles such as the Mayor of Downey and as a successful practicing attorney, always maintaining a deep-rooted commitment to public service. As the daughter of a nurse and a bus driver, combined with her experience in municipal law and community development, she has become a leading advocate for fostering cross-border economic and policy discussions between California and Mexico.
Blanca Pacheco, Make it With Mexico Legilsative Host

Sen. Brian Jones, CA

California Senate Minority Leader
Brian has served in the California State Senate since 2018. He is the current Senate Minority Leader of the California Senate Republican Caucus. He also serves as the co-Chair of the Senate Outdoor Sporting Caucus. In the Senate, he has sponsored legislation that tackles homelessness, keeps our communities safe, lowers the cost of living, and removes bureaucratic barriers for businesses and Californians. 

Brian W. Jones was born on a military base in Austin, TX, and his family moved from Colorado to San Diego County when he was ten years old. He attended Grossmont College and earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at San Diego State University.
Senator Brian Jones picture

Senadora Gina Cruz Blackledge, MX

President, American Foreign Relations Commission
Senator Gina Cruz Blackledge represents Baja California in the Mexican Senate. A graduate of Law from UABC, she has a distinguished record of service focused on enhancing economic conditions and international trade.

Senator Cruz has spent her career supporting policies that promote cross-border commerce, something she knows first-hand from serving the northernmost state of Mexico. She is particularly known for improving the regulatory environment to boost economic growth and strengthen international partnerships. She presides over the Foreign Relations Commission in the Senate. Other committees include Finance and Public Credit and the Committee of the Economy.
Blanca Pacheco, Make it With Mexico Legilsative Host

Senadora Mayuli Martinez Simon, MX

Secretary, Committee of Tourism
Senator Mayuli Martínez Simón represents the state of Quintana Roo. She is a graduate of Law from the University of Quintana Roo and has focused her policy efforts to improve tourism, environment, and economic development. Senator Martínez Simón is well-known for her advocacy for sustainable development practices to safeguard the environment while fostering economic opportunities.

The Senator has active roles on several key Senate committees including the Committee of Foreign Relations Asia - Pacific - Africa, Tourism, Environment, Natural Resources,Climate Change, and Legislative Studies.
Senadora_Mayuli Martinez Simon


Denise Ducheny

United States Flag
Former State Senator
Denise Ducheny pictures

Roberto Moreno

Mexico Flag
Binational Liaison
Roberto Moreno picture

Juan Manuel Hernandez Niebla

Mexico Flag
Former State Citizen's Security Council President
Juan Manuel Hernandez Niebla picture

Steve Peace

United States Flag
Former CA Director of Finance
Senator Steve Peace picture

Stephen Walker

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Director of Correctional Health
Stephen B Walker picture

Juanita Martinez

United States Flag
CEO, Martinez Consulting
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Contact the Events team at [email protected] or (619) 207-4618.
  • Kaia Los Huertos, Event Director
  • Lorenzo Hernandez, Event Coordinator
  • Chad Peace, Host Committee Representative - US
  • Juan M. Hernandez, Host Committee Representative - MX


The Make it With Mexico conference is an educational conference for legislators and industry representatives. Lobbying is strictly prohibited. Rather, the intimate format of the conference, and familial participation throughout, is designed to encourage authentic conversation and relationship building.

The conference is modeled after the Independent Voter Project’s successful Business and Leadership Conference held for the last 18 years. Throughout those years, the most productive and impactful issue-tables are those that throw away the powerpoint presentations, in favor of conversation you would have at your dinner table.

The conference is an opportunity for those in industry and government to identify win-win-win opportunities; those that are good for electeds, business, and everyday people on both sides of the border.