Steve Peace

From 1982 through 2003, Senator Peace served in the California State Capitol as a member of the State Assembly, a State Senator and as the State’s Director of Finance. In 2010, as Co-chair of the California Independent Voter Project, Mr. Peace wrote the Constitutional Amendment subsequently passed by voters to require California to abolish its semi-closed partisan primary system in favor of open nonpartisan primary elections.

As a legislator, Senator Peace was known as the person the Legislature turned to on particularly difficult and complex issues. He was credited with presiding over forums described as “bipartisan”, “exhaustive” and “open to a full airing of views.” He authored a number of high-profile pieces of legislation including the creation of California’s Infrastructure Bank and the nation’s first Office of Privacy Protection.

Mr. Peace also served as Chairman of the Board Authentify, Inc., the Chicago based firm which pioneered dual authentication security for online financial transactions until it was sold to a consortium of American banks.

In 1977, Mr. Peace co-wrote and produced the parody cult classic Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Mr. Peace was also the Executive Producer of Fox Children’s Network’s Attack of the Killer Tomatoes animated television series.