Elections should serve people over parties.

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Opening California's Presidential Primary

It’s simple. Taxpayers fund them. Public officials run them. So every voter should be able to vote in them.

In California, we’re standing up for the 5.6 million independent voters being denied their right to vote in the 2020 presidential election.

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Make Secretary of State Nonpartisan

Would we let a catcher call the balls and strikes in a baseball game? No!

So why would we let the most important person in government, the person who oversees our election process, be a member of a partisan team!?

The Independent Voter Project is supporting statewide initiatives that will require the Chief Elections officers to be nonpartisan.

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A more powerful voice

The Existence

Today, we have an even bigger opportunity to pass initiatives, file lawsuits, and inform millions of voters about how our elections really do (and don’t) work.

But we need your support to mount these serious challenges.

Will you join us?

Take action today and make history with us.

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Top-Four Nonpartisan Elections

Let’s face it, neither major party likes the top-two nonpartisan primary.

Why would they? The primary election doesn’t belong to the parties anymore. It belongs to the voters.

This is what a party centric system has led to.

Now, the parties are trying to take us backwards.

IVP is working on legislation that would move us forward by advancing four candidates out of the primary election and using Ranked Choice Voting in the general.

Less partisanship. More choices for voters. Better representation.

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