In 2008, the Independent Voter Project authored California’s “Top-Two” nonpartisan open primary proposition. California voters passed the proposition in 2010.

The Top-Two primary fundamentally changes the traditional approach to elections.

Under a traditional primary system, whether the primary is “open,” “closed,” “semi-closed,” or any other iteration, the PURPOSE of the primary election is for political parties to choose which candidate best represents THEM.

The PURPOSE of a nonpartisan primary is to serve voters. In a nonpartisan primary, the rules are the same for all candidates, voters, and political parties. No more, “well you can vote if you join one of those parties you don’t like.” Or, “I really like that candidate but he/she can’t survive the [insert party] primary.”

With the nonpartisan primary, candidates can appeal to voters across the political spectrum, and win. That’s because all voters have an equal vote.

And that’s why the Independent Voter Project is working with organizations across the country to open our elections to every voter, regardless of party affiliation.

The Independent Voter Project is standing up for voters.

Learn More about IVP’s next challenge: Opening CA’s Presidential Primary.

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