A New ‘Common Sense’ Party to Challenge California’s Monopoly

Did you know?


In California, for example, the Democratic Party controls everything from the Governorship to the dog catchers. And the Republican Party has all but collapsed.

In other states, the roles are switched.

But nowhere is there a party to represent independent-minded voters and put a check on partisan control.

Until now?

This week, the Common Sense Party announced the launch of a new kind of political party. Not one built on an ideology. Rather, the party “is opening its doors to voters across the political spectrum who want politicians to put solutions over partisan politics.”

Some might think starting a third party is a crazy idea.

But, the party has a unique opportunity to be successful under California’s nonpartisan top-two primary because the Common Sense Party will be able to use its weight to support candidates during the first stage of the election -- not just for its own candidates, but “common sense” Republicans and “common sense” Democrats as well.

Once the California Common Sense Party has 67,000 voters registered it will be recognized as a ‘qualified’ political party. In just over a week, the party has already registered more than 10,000 voters.

Prospect of success?

There is a competition crisis in American politics. But more organizations are taking up the fight for nonpartisan reform.

Opening the presidential primaries. Adopting ranked-choice voting. Ending partisan gerrymandering. Unrigging the presidential debates. These are just a few battles being fought against the two-party duopoly.

A party to help represent independent-minded voters? Makes common sense.

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