PODCAST: Make it With Mexico with Guest Host Assm. David Alvarez

Have you ever heard these myths about cross-border cooperation and collaboration?

Myth #1: We don't have any other choice but to do trade with countries that are half a world away.

Myth #2: The United States and Mexico can't rely on each other to improve both countries.

Myth #3: Immigration policies are the only solution to border issues.

Assemblymember David Alvarez joins Political Deli as a special guest-host and welcome binational entrepreneur Juan Hernandez Sr., Former California Senator and Finance Director Steve Peace, and California Senate minority leader  Brian Jones. They collectively debunk these myths and shed light on the truth behind the importance of cross-border cooperation and collaboration.

The goal is to establish the border’s dynamic nature, the daily life unfolding within it, and the population it influences.

Listen now: https://olasmedia.com/blogs/make-it-in-mexico-the-importance-of-cross-border-understanding-in-the-san-diego-region

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