PODCAST: Giving 8 Million Citizens A Better Way to Vote

New York City voters could soon adopt a fairer, more empowering, and more representative voting method in November, while other states look to join Maine in making history with ranked choice voting in 2020.

In this episode of "Toppling the Duopoly" host Shawn Griffiths and FairVote President and CEO Rob Richie discuss the explosive popularity of ranked choice voting, what it means for voters in areas it is currently being used, and all the places it will either soon be implemented or passed.

This includes the Big Apple, a city of over 8 million residents,, Massachusetts, Alaska, and many, many efforts nationwide to get ranked choice voting on the ballot or passed through state legislatures.

Hands down there is no effort to give voters greater voice and greater choice at the ballot box with more momentum than ranked choice voting.

Be sure to leave any comments, feedback, or questions in the comment section. Thanks for listening, and as always... stay independent.

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