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Newsletter: Support "SAFE" Elections for Everyone

As both parties spin the national narrative, millions of Americans are pushing for election reforms RIGHT NOW that would upset the establishment on both sides of the aisle.

Every day, more people are connecting the way we elect our representatives to the type of representation we get.

Even former party bosses are starting to denounce the rigged primary elections.

That’s how we are changing the conversation nationwide.

It’s true that independent voters decide elections. They helped elect Donald Trump in 2016. Obama in 2008. And they changed the majority in the US House in 2018.

So here’s a simple question: Why don’t we have an election process that includes independents BEFORE the primaries are over?We can.

And when more of us speak out, or contribute, we will.

In the News...

6 Legislative Efforts to Protect YOUR Right to Vote


27 million registered citizens nationwide are denied access to the most critical stage of the election process, which taxpayers spend half a billion to fund. Your voice is having an impact as some state politicians are defying their own parties to protect the voting rights of all eligible US voters.



Will Californians Finally Get An Open Presidential Primary in 2020?

California is headed for a disastrous presidential primary in 2020. Nearly 6 million registered citizens are denied a meaningful vote. But the Independent Voter Project is working to make sure this crisis can be averted with simple, accessible, fair, and easy (SAFE) elections for everyone.

SMART Elections: Reaching Across the Political Spectrum to Secure The Ballot Box


Is it time to dump hybrid voting machines completely? Emmy award-winning journalist Lulu Friesdat discusses the new group, SMART Elections, which is telling elections administrators to say no to unsecure voting machines, and yes to paper ballots.

What I'm Reading...

Renewing U.S. Political Representation: Lessons From Europe and U.S History
The Carnegie Endowment of International Peace

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Caitlyn Alley Pena, The Center for Election Science

Colorado Secretary of State's Office asks Planned Parenthood for edits on news release
Kyle Clark, 9News

Missouri Clerk Says Closed Primary Bill Dead This Session
Sue Sterling, Daily Star Journal

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