PODCAST: The Independent Voter Project Is Fighting for Your Voting Rights

In this episode of Lawyer in Blue Jeans, host Justin Isaac, sits with Jeff Isaac, former Senator Steve Peace and Chad Peace to delve into the significance of local voting and the importance of protecting voting rights.

They explore the lawsuit filed by the Independent Voter Project (IVP) and the impact it has had on democratic processes. The lawsuit, originally filed in July 2019 by IVP and 6 individual plaintiffs, was filed to prevent voter confusion in the 2020 primary -- giving the state an opportunity to address both the constitutional and practical ramifications of its wacky semi-closed primary. Plaintiffs argue that the primary system in place not only limits individual voting rights, but violates state and federal constitutional protections.

“This issue comes up every four years in the state of California, which nationally champions itself to be the great protector of voting rights,” Chad explains, “but the issue in California is that you have ballots for Democratic voters, you have ballots for Republican voters… but when it comes to independent voters, which are now 6 million independent voters in the state of California, they're literally delivered a ballot that has candidates for everything they'll race, and then for president, it's a blank box.”

Listen to the full episode as Justin and his guest explore why it is crucial to advocate for an easy and accessible voting process for all citizens, especially as election time is getting closer.

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