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Voter Suppression in California Is Real

California is full of legislators who say they want to reduce any barriers to voter participation.

From motor voter to early voting, they herald the virtues of increasing voter participation.

Now consider this FACT: In 2016, 4.7 million registered No Party Preference voters and half a million improperly registered third party voters were denied a meaningful vote in the confusing and broadly criticized presidential primary.

FACT is: if nothing changes, California is headed for another presidential disaster in 2020.

That is the definition of voter suppression.

California political insiders understand that having millions of independent voters participate in the presidential primary could make it harder for them to control the outcome of all the races, from dogcatcher to Senate.

That is one reason why California has a political monopoly.

And that is why the Independent Voter Project filed a lawsuit against the California Secretary of State.

Today, nearly 14,000 voters have already signed the petition to support us!

Sign the Petition Today!

Just this week, the Serve America Movement (SAM) joined our growing and very diverse coalition that is demanding real nonpartisan voting rights.

From California to Maine and everywhere in between, the parties in power design rules that rig the elections against everyday voters. (Have you read the Harvard Study?)

Wherever you live, we need your contribution of any size to take on BOTH sides of the political establishment that divide us, disenfranchise us, and just hope for us to remain silent.

National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers

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