IVP to Co-Host Ranked Choice Voting Forum in San Diego

In 2016, San Diego passed landmark election reforms to give more voice to voters. Now, a coalition of election reform organizations including the Independent Voter Project, the League of Women Voters San Diego, Represent.us, FairVote and more are coming together to ask San Diegans a new question:

Could advancing 4 candidates out of the primary (instead of 2) and using Ranked Choice Voting to determine the winner in the general give voters more voice, more choice, and put San Diego on the map as a leader in nonpartisan election reform?

Join us at the USD Law School Tuesday, January 21 from 6pm-7:30pm, where we will discuss an innovative election reform known as a "Top-Four Primary,” that could bring ranked choice voting to San Diego.

Register for the event: http://bit.ly/RCV_Forum_RSVP

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