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IVP Chair Update: Hurdles and Progress for Voting Rights

In 2016, California's semi-closed presidential primary resulted in a voting rights disaster.

This year, politicians moved California's primary up to March to make it more "relevant."

But if nothing else changes, voters are headed for another confusion-filled primary.

That's why the Independent Voter Project, since 2015, has been pushing for reforms to end the confusion and give every voter (including independents) their constitutional right to participate.

The problem is, partisan politicians, want to control elections. So the rights of voters become secondary.


An IVP legal advisor and the Chairman engaged with a respected Assemblymember and candidate for Secretary of State, Lorena Gonzalez.

Intentional or not, her bill has been mischaracterized as one that protects independent voters.

Here is Gonzalez's original tweet:

IVP legal advisor Chad Peace responds to the Assemblymember:

Assemblymember Gonzalez says she "settled" on voting rights:

Dan Howle, Chairman of IVP, chimes in:

Read more about the full exchange here.

We recently learned political staffers in Sacramento are misrepresenting our "public primary" solution because they don't want it coming to the floor.

That's why the Independent Voter Project is calling on voters and reformers from across the ideological spectrum to take a look at our initiative, to encourage your supporters and legislators to support it, and to join our growing coalition that is standing up for every voter's right to participate in taxpayer-funded elections.

In Other News

San Diego's Local Leaders Stand Up

We applaud the League of Women Voters San Diego and their President, Lori Thiel, for their unwavering support of Independent Voter Project's Measure K and its companion bill, Measure L.

The San Diego City Council recently violated the entire purpose of Measure L, by putting an important initiative on the low-turnout March primary ballot. The LOWV stood up!

Read the statement here.

National Reform Leaders Step In


The National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers (NANR), representing more than 30 reform organizations, penned a letter to Assemblymember Gonzalez stating their unanimous support for IVP's "Public Primary" reform for California's 5.6 million NPP voters Visit NANR here.

Respected Columnist Gets Interested


San Diego Union-Tribune Columnist Michael Smolens joined IVN Editor Jeff Powers to discuss:

1. A local councilmember goes independent. Why?

2. Really? 5.6 million Californians don't have the right to vote?


National Groups Support Maine Reform


Lawmakers in Maine are considering Ranked Choice Voting for the 2020 presidential primary and general election.

Reformers who wish to support the Maine initiatives and have their gift matched can do so through a donation page hosted by Independent Voter Project.

Demand A Presidential Primary For Everyone

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