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News Coverage Highlights IVP's Nonpartisan Primary Success, Public Ballot Solution to Presidential Primaries

Word is spreading about the Independent Voter Project’s (IVP) successes and ongoing legal and reform efforts to give all voters a voice in taxpayer-funded primary elections.

Most recently, Courthouse News Service interviewed IVP attorney Chad Peace on IVP's success with California's nonpartisan top-two primary, our solution to the state’s confusing and unconstitutional presidential primary, and the legal fight against New Jersey’s closed primary elections.

“Open primaries are not only about voting rights, they not only serve to diminish disenfranchisement,” says Peace. “But they affect how we are governed. It is time to spread accountability to a broader breadth and stop making elected officials only responsive to the most partisan among us.”

Peace elaborates on the positive impact IVP's nonpartisan primary reform has had on California elections, and the work that still needs to be done in presidential primaries and in other states to protect every voter's right to participate in the most critical stage of the election process.

Courthouse News also includes other prominent reform advocates who support open primary reform. This includes a growing coalition of nonpartisan organizations dedicated to giving every voter better elections, the National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers, of which IVP is a founding member.

Read the full Courthouse News coverage here.

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Get more details about IVP’s fix to CA’s presidential primary problem, A Presidential Primary for Everyone!

And, find out more about the New Jersey lawsuit.

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